First TEAM – Predictive Biomarkers of Radiation Toxicity (PBRTox)

Radiotherapy (RTx) is the mainstay of oncologic treatment. Interruptions of its course due to adverse effect markedly increase the probability of recurrence and death. Prediction of radiation-induced adverse effects is thus of crucial importance as is allows the doctors to tailor the treatment and provide supportive care to those in need. We will investigate whether a serum-borne family of biomarkers – microRNAs – can be used as biomarkers of adverse effects in patients with head&neck cancers. Such individuals are group of oncologic patients with very high rates of such complications, putting them at serious risk of prognosis-altering RTx interruptions. Using a combination of clinical, laboratory and metaanalysis experiments we will propose an algorithm for RTx monitoring and identify biomarkers of radiotoxicity. Additionally, a systematic review and our own miRNA sequencing data will establish the subset of best reference miRNAs for studies on their expression in their serum.

Project is carried out within the First TEAM programme of the Foundation for Polish Science

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